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Thinking about changing your IT supplier? Need help with IT Support?

We can help with IT support! Moving your IT affairs to us couldn’t be simpler.  We can manage the hand-over of your IT affairs so that your systems continue to run smoothly without disruption to your business.

Finding a company that you can trust to do things with your best interests at heart, can be difficult.  Talk to us about your requirements and we’ll be delighted to talk you through our approach. How we work with our existing clients to add value to their business. We can do the same for you.   

We would be delighted to have a no-obligation chat with you. Or put you in touch with any of our existing clients so you can make your decision. 

We make sure your IT systems work reliably and efficiently together. 

We all experience problems with technology.  It’s our job to keep your problems to a minimum and to find fast and efficient resolutions. If and when systems go wrong – so you can spend less time experiencing problems and more time running your business.

With Synthesis IT Support in place, you’ll have the reassurance to know if something goes wrong, we’ll fix it. In fact, we’ll often find and resolve an issue before you know there’s been a problem with our proactive approach.

As well as fixing problems we’ll also help you to avoid them. There are no smoke and mirrors, just straight talking.

If you need help with IT Support, talk to us about how we can help you to plan, move, secure, connect, and grow your systems.

We offer life cycle solutions to support your business through every stage of its growth. Whether you’re expanding or relocating your business, setting up in business or it’s just business as usual. Our services are designed to ensure IT systems support you in making operating your business simpler.

Buying a business

When acquiring a business with existing systems you may not be aware of how old the equipment is and if it is up to the task. Whether hardware is still within warranty, or if software is properly licensed. With a technology audit and systems health check from Synthesis IT, you can understand more about the systems installed and how these resources can help you operate your new business.

Expanding your business

Managing change as your business grows can put a strain on your systems and on you and your staff. What happens when your network has reached its capacity? and you begin to experience problems! We can help you make the best technological decisions and help you to maximise your investment. Ensuring that what you implement now will meet both your present and future needs.  

Operating your business

Technology has a vital role to play in ensuring your business operates efficiently and effectively. We all rely heavily on technology, and if it goes wrong, it can have a great impact on our businesses. We can ensure that your systems enhance and support your business processes. Getting to know how you like to work and how technology makes the biggest difference to you.  

Relocating your business

Moving premises can put a strain on your resources; time and finances, your staff and your business. Our IT Removals Service can make moving your business systems stress-free.

Setting up in business & help with IT Support.

We make starting a business simple and as cost-efficient as possible with IT solutions that can grow in tune with your business.

Connecting Offices

We can help with your IT Support and implement efficient IT processes and systems across your branch offices.

When expanding your IT network and phone systems to include branch offices. We can help you find the most cost effective way to get the technology you need.

We’ll look for ways to reduce your costs and ensure you maintain consistent ways of working across your business.

By minimising duplication in the hardware and software you require, and finding innovative ways of using the technology available. You’ll find working on your systems across all of your branch offices, will be simpler for you.

We can make growing your business simple by helping you grow your systems seamlessly alongside.

Protecting your assets

We can give you peace of mind to know that your staff are working safely and securely and your systems are protected.

Using the Internet to do business exposes your business to hidden dangers.

Viruses and malware are commonplace and the threat of cyber crime has become a frightening reality with incidents of hacking on the rise.

Protecting your information and systems from the outside world and even from people within your business should be a priority to prevent issues harming your business.

The world of network security is complex and we can simplify it for you.  By strengthening vulnerabilities on your network and ensuring you take the right measures to protect your systems and your business.

For peace of mind let us help with your IT Support to protect your business.