Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.

Arthur C. Clarke


At Synthesis IT, we seamlessly combine business process with technology, empowering our clients to maximise their productivity and plan for the future.

Our team are here to manage every aspect of your IT infastructure and offer the support you need.

Technology can be a minefield. There are so many different products, systems, platforms and providers out there, it’s difficult to know which is best for your unique needs.

While technology can seemingly perform magic and do incredibly positive things for your business, understanding the differing knock-on effects and consequences of each of the many appropriate options is key; we all understand the power, but not always the process.

That’s where Synthesis IT can help. We are a North East IT specialist, supplying and managing our client’s infrastructure, cloud hosting and telephony needs, and since 2003 we’ve been helping local businesses achieve great things using appropriate technology.

Appropriate IT is pivotal to any business’s success.

Our ever-growing client base covers a variety of sectors, including Retail and Wholesale, Accountancy, Law, Estate Agency, Engineering and Manufacturing, Marketing and Design, Charities, Care Homes and Call Centres.

But regardless of sector, they all have one thing in common: they need reliable technology that supports their business processes.

That is why we take a holistic approach towards our client’s technology needs.

Appropriate IT is pivotal to any business’s success, so the first thing we do with any prospective client is to get to know the individual and the business, the business’s ethos and values, how it works and the principals you want to achieve.

We’ll always find the right solution for you, and if it doesn’t exist, we’ll create it for you.

Synthesis IT doesn’t employ a traditional sales team. Our founder and MD came from manufacturing business management, so we understand the challenges business principals face. We aim to provide peace of mind through our unbiased, hassle-free approach to consultancy and support.

We are not tied to any one supplier, so will never upsell, and will always give you an independent view of what will work best for your particular needs.

If you’d like a chat about your current needs or have a free IT consultation, then drop us a line to discuss your requirements.

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