When you’re running a business, things don’t always go to plan, or happen when you want them to.  If you have a problem we won’t pass you on to someone else, we’ll make a point of getting the problem fixed and the job done. IT support is what we do!

Here are a few reasons why you should consider getting in touch:

We’re different! Synthesis IT don’t employ a sales team. We come from a background of being in business for ourselves, just like you. We understand the challenges you face – and we’ll help you overcome them!

Rapid and affordable service. When things do go wrong, you can rely on us to resolve your problem quickly and efficiently and minimise disruption to your business.

Minimise your IT costs. It’s a myth that computer hardware needs to be replaced when it’s older than 3 years old. If it’s well maintained, it can run efficiently for much longer than that. Before you buy new technology, it’s worth looking at whether it can be upgraded to increase the functionality you need.

Innovative. Our technicians continuously train in and research new and emerging technologies to stay ahead of the game.

Synthesis IT likes a challenge! Whatever your problem or challenge we’d welcome the opportunity to help you solve it.

We hope you’ll make Synthesis IT your IT partner so we can continue to support you and your systems as your business grows.  

What We Do

Isn’t technology great when it works? When it goes wrong it can severely impact your business. For peace of mind and to ensure you get the IT support you need, when you need it, we offer three IT business packages. These support packages are designed to keep your systems working and resolve IT and communications if they wrong.

You can rely on us to look after your IT and communications systems, whilst you get on and manage your business.

Here’s how we can help:

Our local IT Technician team will respond quickly to your needs. We’re a local IT business with a loyal, knowledgeable and attentive IT team.

You’ll always speak to one of our own IT Technicians when you call and we will always try to solve your problem or answer your query.

If your problem needs to be escalated to a higher level, or we need more time to look into your problem, we’ll keep you informed with progress as your problem is addressed.

Don’t let complex technology issues get you down. We can take away the worry of managing your IT so you can concentrate on managing your business.

We keep things simple for you. The less time you have to spend managing IT problems, the more we succeed.

Find out more about our IT Support Packages for your Business:

NetworkTrust – proactive and reactive on-site and remote support

NetworkResponse – reactive on-site and remote support

NetworkPlus  – reactive pay as you go support

Computer SupportWe will help you source the most appropriate hardware to suit your business needs.

Selecting the right systems and technology for your company can be a very time-consuming and confusing task. Knowing which options are available is only the first hurdle for companies to overcome. Once you’ve made decisions on what to buy, there’s the installation, configuration and maintenance to think about.

Our independence means we provide genuinely objective advice. We supply Tier 1 products including CISCO, Hewlett Packard and Dell but we also offer alternatives that could do the job you need, at a lower cost.

At Synthesis IT we pride ourselves on being able to understand and accurately scope your business needs. We will work together with you to make sure your needs are met and expectations surpassed efficiently and cost-effectively.

We believe it is in our best interests that you employ technology relevant to you. Which is why we’ll never ‘sell’ you anything. From our analysis of your needs, we will identify the options and work with you so you make the right choice.

 We can bring your project plans to life, on-time and within budget.

When planning an IT project, you’ll need to know that you can deliver what you need, when you need it and within budget.

We can simplify the complex nature of IT projects by helping you to stay in control of costs and time by helping you to specify and implement projects. We’ll help you to plan your project in greater technical detail, ensuring you are aware of things that could be missed to minimise problems when the project starts.

Our team will work closely with you to organise any technological aspects you need and we can support you by ensuring everything comes together without a hitch.You may be thinking of upgrading your network, relocating your business, buying a business, or setting up a new business.Whatever your IT project needs we can help.


“CloudSafe is an essential part of our data continuity strategy. Synthesis IT seamlessly manage every aspect of our data backup regime and ensure it is secure in their custom-built data centre.”

~ Steve Browne, Xcel Retail

How do I make backing up my data simple? 

For worry-free data backups use CloudSafe, our fully managed Cloud Data Backup service. For a fixed monthly fee, we can backup your data for you to our own dedicated servers so, should the unthinkable happen, your information can be recovered quickly to minimise the effects of data loss on you and your business.

How we can help

We offer two levels of CloudSafe online data backup to suit your needs:

Option 1: A fully managed and monitored service

An all encompassing cost competitive service to suit any business that wishes to handover its daily backup routine to our trusted team. We’ll take care of all of your data backup requirements.

What this service includes:

Flexible storage offered as standard – space that can grow along with your business as your business needs change

Your data backup service fully configured and checked by our engineering team – to ensure your data is backed-up and your data remains safe

Data encryption – offers the highest standard of industry security to protect your data

Regular data validity tests and replication – to ensure your data can be restored to its last working backup ensuring you can maintain continuity of service

Help-desk team support – available to offer telephone and remote support

Multiple data backups – to double the protection of your data

Managed recovery of data to your own hardware should the need arise (Synthesis can provide replacement hardware – please ask for details)

Interested? Contact us today.

“When Synthesis IT introduced CloudSafe to us, it became apparent that it could meet all our requirements. Since introducing the system, Safety, Security & Availability of data has been proven to match their claims. We’re pleased we made an excellent decision.” 

Derek Fitzgerald, Dura Hose & Fittings Ltd

Option 2: A Self-managed Cloud Data Backup service

Ideal for companies with their own IT team who can manage their own data backups. This service offers secure value for money space in a trusted UK-based data centre environment managed by a competent IT team that can provide second line support to your own team.

What this service includes:

250Gb of space offered as standard – that can grow as your needs change

We can also configure your data backup for you. Please ask for details.

Interested? Contact us today

Do you need to disaster-proof your business?  Arrange your CloudSafe data backup with Synthesis IT by contacting us today.

More information

Or new Synphony product will provide you with efficient ways to communicate.Phone Communications

Whether you’re hoping to simplify or streamline communications, we can help you cut costs and make efficiency improvements with a mix of mobile communications and business telephone solutions.

Utilising your existing network infrastructure for VOIP makes sound business sense. VOIP telephony systems deliver a wealth of useful business functionality as well as added benefits such as ease of scalability – perfect for a growing business.

Many of our clients have come to us for advice on how to upgrade from their legacy systems to more modern business telephone systems. As your business grows and your needs change, you’ll need to know that your investment in a new telephone system will last as long as possible as technology advances. We’ll help you find the best telephone system which suits your business needs and a system that can support your growing business.

We will help you specify, supply, install, configure and commission your VOIP or ISDN based system. We will organise communications links and set up a number of features including mail facilities, re-routing and diverts and even security on IP telephones which can pose a risk if breached.

We offer a complete end-to-end service that makes upgrading your telephone system much simpler than you might think.

At Synthesis IT we don’t just provide you with computer hardware and software – we can also show you how to use it and make the most of it.IT Training

We provide one-to-one coaching and training for groups.  We’ll help you select the right level of training so that you gain the skills needed to improve efficiency and productivity throughout your business.

With a wealth of practical IT knowledge and training experience, we offer custom designed courses in the systems and software applications you use every day.

Our training and delivery methods are flexible and can be specially adapted to suit your needs.

Training can be as informal as showing you how to operate any aspect of your systems, such as ‘how to check your data backup has completed correctly’ or as formal as how to use MS Excel.

The benefits being that your staff can work efficiently and consistently so that you get the best results for your business.

Technology can be a major investment for any business, but the need for proper training can be overlooked, particularly if you’re using applications such as MS Word or MS Project that can be updated regularly.

We can also keep you updated particularly with new software features that your company will find useful.  You wouldn’t drive a new car without understanding how all the features work.  So why not ensure your staff are properly trained to use your applications?

Contact us about applications and systems training and how we can tailor training to suit your businesses learning needs.  Simply fill in our online enquiry form or contact us by email and we’ll be in touch to discuss your requirements.

Solutions We Provide

Disaster and Recovery

Disaster and Recovery Planning

Does your business have Disaster and Recovery Planning? If your business suffered theft, fire or flood damage to its premises or IT equipment where would it be? Data recovery and a disaster recovery plan can help you avoid further problems should the worst happen. Being able to recover your system files and essential information, could mean the difference between you being able to continue to do business or not.

You’ll want to know well in advance that you have a fail-safe way to keep your business going. This involves working with someone like us to help you ensure data backups are working properly. We’ll also carry out frequent tests on your data.

We hope you’ll never have to use this service, but if you do, that’s when you’ll find how invaluable it has been.

A daily data backup routine which involves backing-up data using local media that is removed from site, or using a cloud-based solution is key to ensuring your business can continue in the event of a disaster.

Data backup routines can go unchecked. We do regular data backup testing as part and parcel of our support. It’s about trust and providing reassurance, ensuring you don’t find yourself in the position where you’ve lost all your data.

Through proactive monitoring we can ensure your information can be restored from the most up-to-date point in time, ensuring continuity of service.

We can also check the validity of data backups. Provide replacement equipment ensuring if the worst happens, we can help you recover quickly from a disaster.

Software Development

Bespoke software development

With several years proven software development experience, you can trust our team to turn your specification into reality. We’ll provide you with a high quality application, fully documented, and perfectly suited to your business needs. Our training will ensure your users are confident to use software and make the most of it.

Cloud-based applications

Cloud-based applications and on-line solutions such as software as a service (SaaS) are becoming more appealing to businesses looking to reduce costs and simplify access and management. 

If you’re considering using an application that’s cloud-based we can help.  There are a broad range of aspects that you’ll need to consider such as data security, support and hosting before you go down this route, but don’t worry, we’ll be happy to give advice on the options available to ensure you have what’s best for your business.

Secure your data and IT systems with our help.IT Security

As registered graduates and advocates of ethical hacking. We have a proven track record in specifying data security solutions designed to protect your business from external and internal threats. Increased use of the Internet and strategies such as Bring Your Own Device and remote working, have made the issue of business data security highly complex. No doubt these advances have heightened your concerns and increased your work-load involved in maintaining and managing data security.

By helping IT Managers and Business Owners manage IT security we help to reduce the time they take away from the business and reduce risks and costs.

AVG Cloud Care

We can help you take a robust, all encompassing approach to protecting your business data and systems and help you to minimise the risk that malicious attacks, theft or malware and even your own employees can pose.

By working with Synthesis IT you can strengthen your IT defences and simplify the issues involved in maintaining a secure working environment.

How can I make data backups simple? Look at our managed Cloud Data Backup Service.

Legacy SystemsWe can help you extend the life of your legacy systems to minimise costs and keep older systems working reliably and efficiently.

When support for your legacy systems comes to an end or older hardware fails, we can help.

Legacy software such as MRP or ERP systems need not be replaced just because the hardware has failed.

We can provide support for older applications and migrate industry software such as MRP and ERP systems to replacement hardware, so you can continue to use applications that need not be replaced.

If you would like help to locate new hardware or help in supporting your legacy systems contact us for more information.

Synthesis IT can help to build and maintain solid network foundations for growth Networking

A well-built network environment is fundamental to your business success. With a correctly designed network you can reduce the time it takes to manage changes, identify problems, and grow as your business grows.

If you need a new network infrastructure to replace an ageing network or you need to expand your network to cater for new users. You can rely on our expertise to install an infrastructure that maintains quality of service throughout your network.

Our approach is to assess your networking needs and design a system tailored to you. From Wireless and Local Area Networks to Wide Area Networks, our experienced network engineers will design and implement the right network for your business.

We look at what you need and provide solutions to suit your needs and budget. We provide all manner of hardware, hubs, switches, wireless access points, server cabinets, firewalls and routers etc. We can provide ‘Tier one’ if that’s what you need. We’ll also offer alternatives to buying leading brands that provide best value and can save you money.

Synthesis IT use experienced cabling staff who work with our engineers to ensure disruption to your office is kept to a minimum. Our cabling solutions are fully tested and certified and can be FLUKE tested upon request.

Let us build you a network you can depend on. Contact us to find out more.


We have various solutions to assist in improving productivity, from internet controls to spam filtering.
Net Sheriff

Net Sheriff is an effective tool to allow business owners and managers to monitor internet usage. You can customise what websites individual employees or departments can and can’t have access to. This improves employee productivity and safeguards against inappropriate content.

MessageLabs is a highly efficient and intuitive tool to control and reduce spam and unwanted emails. This helps reduce email storage requirements, declutters in-boxes and reduces wasted employee time.
Office 365
Microsoft’s Office suite and your important documents are accessible online and on your desktop. Helping to maximise worktime and workload, especially when on the move.