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IT Security

Maintaining and managing data security should be a priority within any business. With the advent of cloud-based hosting and apps, remote work, and use of personal soft devices for business use, issues surrounding security are becoming increasingly complex.

Synthesis IT will help you take a robust, all-encompassing approach to protecting your business data and systems, minimising the risk that malicious attacks and even your own employees can pose. We’ll help you strengthen your IT defences and simplify the issues involved in maintaining a secure working environment.

Internet Security

Do you have an issue with cyberslacking and staff productivity? Net Sheriff is internet security software developed by Synthesis IT, enabling you to monitor and control staff internet access, set individual and group permissions/time settings, while also adding extra security protection on and off your network. It will help improve employee productivity, increase revenue and safeguards against inappropriate internet access (and potential HR issues), so is the perfect tool to enforce a consistent IAP (internet access policy), even across remote locations.

Email Security

MessageLabs is a highly efficient and intuitive tool to control and reduce spam and unwanted emails. It helps reduce email storage, declutters inboxes and reduces wasted employee time.