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Legacy SystemsLegacy Systems

We can help you extend the life of your legacy systems to minimise costs and keep older systems working reliably and efficiently.

When support for your older systems comes to an end or older hardware fails, we can help.

Organizations can have compelling reasons for keeping a legacy system, such as:

  • The system works satisfactorily, and the owner sees no reason to change it.
  • The costs of redesigning or replacing the system are prohibitive because it is large and complex.
  • Retraining on a new system would be costly in lost time and money.
  • The system requires near-constant availability, so it cannot be taken out of service, and the cost of designing a new system with a similar availability level is high.

Legacy software such as MRP or ERP systems need not be replaced just because the hardware has failed. 

We can provide support for older applications. We can migrate industry software such as MRP and ERP systems to replacement hardware. Therefore you can continue to use applications that need not be replaced.

If you would like help to locate new hardware or help in supporting your systems contact us for more information.