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Cloud Hosting

Whether you’re looking for a part or fully managed service, our cloud hosting product, Synstore, offers you a flexible and scalable approach to your needs. Our experienced engineers can give you a reliable and secure solution, tailored specifically to your business requirements.

Cloud Storage

Do your staff work remotely, but need access to the same files? Synstore offers a cloud-based platform, giving you flexibility in terms of your storage plan and how you want to work.

  • a flexible storage plan that grows with your business
  • 180-day history of file revision control (restore files if you overwrite or delete them)
  • your data is held in our multi-device, multi-site, clustered and encrypted server net-work (allowing safe and uninterrupted access)
  • work offline (SynstoreCloud will automatically synchronise your files when you re-connect to the internet)
  • give your teams access to the right files and folders
  • collaboration tools (make real-time changes to live documents, chat about projects, leave comments on new content, etc.)

Domain Hosting

Are you worried about the security of your business data and systems? With SynstoreDomain we can build and host your own cloud/dedicated server, giving you all of the benefits of your own domain, but without the expensive setup costs.

  • a part or whole cloud-based infrastructure
  • fully or part managed
  • flexible and scalable storage that grows with your business
  • secure data access and storage
  • high bandwidth

Why not visit our Synstore website for more information? Alternatively, to discuss how SynstoreDomain could secure your data and operations, call us on (0191) 2704370, email us at or get in touch using the link below: