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IT Supply and InstallIT Supply and Install

We can help you supply and install the most appropriate hardware to suit your business needs. Contact Us today.

Selecting the right systems and technology for your company can be a confusing, misleading and time-consuming task. Knowing which options are available is only the first hurdle for companies to overcome and once you’ve made decisions on what to buy; there’s the installation, configuration and maintenance to think about.

Our independence means we provide genuinely objective advice.
We supply Tier 1 products including CISCO, Hewlett Packard and
Dell but we also offer alternatives that could do the job you need,
at a lower cost.

At Synthesis IT we pride ourselves on being able to understand your business needs and accurately scope your project objectives. We will work together with you to make sure your needs are met and expectations surpassed efficiently and cost-effectively.  

We believe it is in our best interests that you employ technology relevant to you – which is why we’ll never ‘sell’ you anything. From our analysis of your needs, we will identify the options and work with you so you make the right choice.