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Support Services

Technology is great when it works, but even small issues can severely impact your business: so whatever your query, our qualified and experienced engineers will always be on hand to help. We maintain the highest standards of customer service and, as our clients will agree, our prompt response times and professionalism make us a leading standard in IT support.

But IT support should never be solely about fixing problems, but also monitoring and optimising the usability, performance and productivity of your IT, and securing it and your data from potential cyberthreats. Keeping tabs on your server infrastructure is vital…the most common reason for system downtime is negligence. By remotely monitoring your server and IT equipment we can operate an early warning system, so when we notice a problem, our engineers will take immediate action.

For peace of mind and to ensure you have the level of support you need (and when you need it), we offer three different support packages, each designed to match your budget, keep your systems working and resolve any IT and communications problems as they arise:

Network Trust is our premium support package, which includes unlimited onsite and remote support (both proactive and reactive). There are three tiers: Gold, Silver and Bronze which, depending on the level of support, include benefits such as computer performance/patch management, Messagelabs, temporary loan equipment, use of our disaster recovery suite, network server backups, free hardware repairs, and much more. Why not download our brochure to see how Network Trust could benefit your business?

Network Recovery gives you a package of reactive on-site and remote support. 

This product consists of a pre-paid and discounted block of 10 hours of support/engineer time to provide clients with a reactive service to look after their IT hardware. This is a popular product with clients looking for the reassurance that their company and systems are being supported, but envisage low or sporadic need/use. 

Network Plus is reactive, ad hoc pay as you go support.