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Disaster Recovery

Have you considered how much your business relies on technology? Have you already suffered from a data disaster caused by theft, fire damage, cyberattack or hardware failure? What would be a disaster to your company…maybe loss of data, telephony, collaboration tools or system connectivity? Does your business have contingency planning, and if so, when is the last time you tested this plan? An effective disaster recovery plan should enable you to recover business critical data, systems and services, so you have a failsafe way to keep your business going.

At Synthesis IT our ethos is based on trust and providing reassurance. We class a disaster as any event that takes your business offline and prevents your staff from working or interacting with clients. As a Network Trust client, our Disaster Recovery Suite is available for dry runs and, should disaster strike, we’ll house you in a private, fully furnished office, with VoIP telephony, a dedicated server, computers and printers. In addition, you’ll have full use of a communal kitchen, staff room, onsite parking and access to excellent public transport links. So, in the unlikely and unfortunate event that disaster does strike, you have peace of mind, knowing you have a tried and tested plan in place.